Just over 3 weeks to go ..

So the last week or so has been a nightmare. Last week I went for a 'short' 5 mile run all normal, got home and within an hour I couldn't put any weight on my left foot or bend it. Panic set in and a quick visit to Dr Google (which I know I shouldn't of done). It all pointed to Achilles tendinitis so stress levels were sky high and I had to use crutches to walk until yesterday. Thanks to my physio  and DR who confirmed it was just an inflamed tendon and a lot of frozen sweetcorn and rest I am starting to be able to walk on it now and hope to start light training again, some swimming and low impact cardio next week. I was gutted that I couldn't reach my 20 mile long run target but I am glad I can recover from it. The other lads training going very well all getting in the miles.

We have lots going on at the moment with the charity night, an on-line auction (link available in the menu) that is going so well. The charity night is next week! We have about 240 people coming, virtual horse racing, local band, food and a exciting raffle all going on plus one of the lads Tom is having his beard shaved off after 6 years of growing it!