Francesca Bains

My latest maternity leave was supposed to be the best year off spending time with my best friend Kate and our babies. I then received the news that Theo had been born, instantly I could tell by Rob's voice all was not well. It has been a very sad year seeing how upset Kate and Rob have been and only being able to offer hugs and an ear to listen. Rob instantly wanted to raise awareness for pre-eclampsia and keep Theo's memory going.

Rob then asked if either me or Craig would like to volunteer to abseil 400m down the lift tower, I without any hesitance said yes. Every time now I see the lift tower it taunts me with how high it it and nerves are already kicking in. I am raising money for Children are Butterflies which is a Northampton based charity that pays for the funeral costs of children. The last two funerals I have been to have used this charity. No parent should have to go through the heartache of their child's funeral and life sometimes is so cruel.