Well we did it :)

Cant quiet believe we actually all finished the marathon!!

We have raised over £24,000 for the charity, an amazing amount but just the start. Training was very hard I had picked up a big Achilles tendinitis which had me on crutches for a few days, But thanks to my physio Claire and Bridgette they got me strapped up and on enough pain killers to get me round. We all started together but it was obvious Tom and Carter were in better shape than me and Wilko he had a bigger injury than me so proud of him for finishing. So they plodded off and we managed to get round and met up with Tom with about 3 miles to go. Can't thank the lads enough for putting there bodies through all that pain, proud to call them my mates and we were all blown over by our amazing friends and family coming to support us. It really helped getting us round the 26.2 miles.

I will remember that day for the rest of my life, one of the most emotional and humbling experiences ever. To hear all the crowd shouting you're name really helps you not want to stop and to see all the names and pictures of baby's, children, family members on the back on t'shirts of other runners made me very proud to be part of this great day. I hope Theo is proud of me and the boys. It was as much about getting the message out about pre-eclampisa as it was about raising money for the charity. Lots more planned for the future. Watch this space........


Rob x


Just over 3 weeks to go ..

So the last week or so has been a nightmare. Last week I went for a 'short' 5 mile run all normal, got home and within an hour I couldn't put any weight on my left foot or bend it. Panic set in and a quick visit to Dr Google (which I know I shouldn't of done). It all pointed to Achilles tendinitis so stress levels were sky high and I had to use crutches to walk until yesterday. Thanks to my physio  and DR who confirmed it was just an inflamed tendon and a lot of frozen sweetcorn and rest I am starting to be able to walk on it now and hope to start light training again, some swimming and low impact cardio next week. I was gutted that I couldn't reach my 20 mile long run target but I am glad I can recover from it. The other lads training going very well all getting in the miles.

We have lots going on at the moment with the charity night, an on-line auction (link available in the menu) that is going so well. The charity night is next week! We have about 240 people coming, virtual horse racing, local band, food and a exciting raffle all going on plus one of the lads Tom is having his beard shaved off after 6 years of growing it!


This time in 5 weeks ..

We would of completed the toughest challenge all of us have faced, raised a lot of money and hopefully awareness of the horrible condition that is Pre-eclampsia.

Today I ran 15.3 miles my longest run to date, was tough but I know I can do more. The training and charity night are all coming together now. We have some amazing prizes on the auction site all been donated by our amazing friends and family. 

I promised Theo I would raise as much money as possible in his name, this year is just the start I have lots of ideas in my crazy head. So may be asking some of you to help us in the future.

My knees are starting to hurt on my long runs so hope I can get through the pain and complete the marathon, I know having Kate and all our friends and family there cheering us on will help us get over the line.

Speak to you next week 





Nearly 5 weeks to go

Sorry its been so long since I've updated this blog , The plans for the charity are coming along nicely. Me and the boys ran our first proper half marathon on Sunday just gone all got in under 2hrs 20mins ! We are all well chuffed , was hard but good to see how a race is organised etc.

We have hit over £6000 pound now cant believe how much money we are raising well on the way to the target of £8000. It really helps me and Kate through the tough times to know so many people care about us and Theo. Sharing our story with all your friends 

Here is our Auction site if you haven't seen it already www.jumblebee.co.uk/4theo



11 weeks to go ..

So this week has been very hard as it was 6 months today since we lost Theo and started our new tough life without him. Training is starting to ramp up a lot and today I was planning on running 12 miles and ended up running 13.9! The most I have ever run and probably could of ran more. So next week I will try and run 16. I've found a big hill in my area to use in my hill intervals, Training is helping me a little and we are in the middle of organising a fundraiser . We are nearly at 5k 3 to go. We have booked accommodation for the weekend starting to look forward to it now 


see you next week 




12 Weeks to go ..

Its been a big week this week with us launching this website onto the world, we cant believe  the reaction we got never thought it would be that good. Hopefully this will get shared all over the world. Kate's words definitely made the website 1000 times better. 

Training is going well I've been going to the gym for swim sessions , Grit classes , Core work and intervals sprints. This morning  I managed to get 10 miles in the legs and the pace per mile has fallen. Looking forward to another week of training, its helping me get though the tough times and days at the moment. We are nearly half way to our target so hopefully we will hit it , got a few ideas that we will let everyone know about this week.

Hope you all have a great week and thanks for reading 


13 weeks to go

Well with under 13 weeks to go the enormity of the challenge is starting to dawn on me. Training is going well I ran 7.4 miles on Sunday we have booked into to do the Silverstone half in March as a practice for the main race in April. This week I am starting hill sprints tomorrow night and swimming to really start to crank up the training 6 days a week with one rest day. I am hoping that varied training will really pay off on the day. It's great to see all the other runners on social media training and seeing their stories. I hope Theo is Proud of me and Kate and how we are coping  xx

How the training and life is going

Well with just over 14 weeks to go I thought I would try (i.e. Kate told me) and start a weekly blog to try log how I'm feeling and how the training is going.

Training is going well getting the miles in its currently snowing so not looking forward to my long run tomorrow morning. For the first time in my life I actually enjoy the gym and working out. Today is Kate's birthday which as you can imagine is very tough for us, I sometimes feel like this hasn't happened to us and we are still waiting to meet our little boy and see him grow up then it sinks in again that this is our life and how we are living in a permanent cloud of sadness. We know that there will be happier times, and that he will never be forgotten but that doesn't help us at the moment. All I have thought about this week is the moment I left our son in the baby unit after he passed away. No parent should have to go though what we have had to do, but we are. People keep telling us how brave and strong we are but we don't feel it. 

See you next week x

Our First ever Marathon

I've always admired people that run the Marathon, in August last year me and Kate's life was turned upside down when we met and lost out son Theo. Life is very tough getting though each day but having Kate and the amazing friends and family support we have around us makes it a little easier for me. the last thing I told Theo was I was going to raise as much money and awareness for this horrible condition as possible so this is just the start. I know that me and the boys will do Theo proud and know the day is going to be very tough but a life changing experience 
When I got the call from Robbie that something terrible had happened I felt like I was on the other side of the world, reality is I was only 20 minutes away. All I wanted to do was help and do as much as possible to show support for him and Kate in such a sad time. At 18 stone, unfit and claiming 'I'd never make it around'......I've watched previous London Marathon's, so naturally, when Robbie said he was entering to raise money and awareness fr Action on Pre-Eclampsia it seemed the tight thing to do! Now, with 4 months to go, at 18 stone and unfit...the training starts!
When Rob called to tell us that he and Kate had welcomed a baby boy in the world, we could not be more thrilled for them. But when Rob told me the devastating news, I will be honest, I had no idea how to comfort, console or help him and Kate in this very difficult time. When Rob suggested we raise some money for a charity that does know how to help families who have been through this devastating illness, I jumped at the chance!! That's when he broke the news that we would be running the London marathon! At first I was petrified of being able to finish such a mammoth event, but with the memory of Theo embedded in our hearts I know we will be able to complete this in style and raise a lot of money for a great charity.
Making the decision to run a marathon isn't something to be taken lightly, but it was an easy decision to make for me when my life long friend Robbie asked me to run with him in memory of his son Theo. When Robbie gave me the news that Kate and Theo had been affected by something called Pre-Eclampsia, I didn't understand the magnitude and the danger of the condition, and had in fact never heard of it. As it became apparent that little Theo wouldn't make it and Kate was lucky to be alive, it broke my heart and I had an overwhelming feeling of helplessness that I couldn't do anything to help my friends. Running the London Marathon in Theo's memory along side Rob and the boys is a great honour and something I will take great pride in. We are well on our way to raising funds for our chosen charity, Action on Pre-eclamspia and hope our journey will raise awareness amongst our family, friends and the wider local Community through our fundraising.
Please donate if you can
By texting ' RCLT50 £5' to 70070  ( any amount from 1 to10 pound )