Well we did it :)

Cant quiet believe we actually all finished the marathon!!

We have raised over £24,000 for the charity, an amazing amount but just the start. Training was very hard I had picked up a big Achilles tendinitis which had me on crutches for a few days, But thanks to my physio Claire and Bridgette they got me strapped up and on enough pain killers to get me round. We all started together but it was obvious Tom and Carter were in better shape than me and Wilko he had a bigger injury than me so proud of him for finishing. So they plodded off and we managed to get round and met up with Tom with about 3 miles to go. Can't thank the lads enough for putting there bodies through all that pain, proud to call them my mates and we were all blown over by our amazing friends and family coming to support us. It really helped getting us round the 26.2 miles.

I will remember that day for the rest of my life, one of the most emotional and humbling experiences ever. To hear all the crowd shouting you're name really helps you not want to stop and to see all the names and pictures of baby's, children, family members on the back on t'shirts of other runners made me very proud to be part of this great day. I hope Theo is proud of me and the boys. It was as much about getting the message out about pre-eclampisa as it was about raising money for the charity. Lots more planned for the future. Watch this space........


Rob x