How the training and life is going

Well with just over 14 weeks to go I thought I would try (i.e. Kate told me) and start a weekly blog to try log how I'm feeling and how the training is going.

Training is going well getting the miles in its currently snowing so not looking forward to my long run tomorrow morning. For the first time in my life I actually enjoy the gym and working out. Today is Kate's birthday which as you can imagine is very tough for us, I sometimes feel like this hasn't happened to us and we are still waiting to meet our little boy and see him grow up then it sinks in again that this is our life and how we are living in a permanent cloud of sadness. We know that there will be happier times, and that he will never be forgotten but that doesn't help us at the moment. All I have thought about this week is the moment I left our son in the baby unit after he passed away. No parent should have to go though what we have had to do, but we are. People keep telling us how brave and strong we are but we don't feel it. 

See you next week x